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Healthy foods to eat at work!

Being an engineer typically means working long hours. Combined with trying to float a "normal" social life, keeping up with familial responsibilities,  and doing normal "adult" things like getting your oil changed and seeing the dentist- this leaves you with what feels like very little time to prep food for the week. Sometimes this means that I end up eating not-so-great cafeteria food, or one of those frozen personal meals. I've decided that this lifestyle isn't working for me anymore because:
  1. It's unhealthy. The cafeteria food is filled with more salt, sugar, preservatives, and calories than I'd cook with. 
  2. It's not great for the environment. Frozen meals mean plastic and paper packaging, and the fuel needed to ship it to me. Cafeteria meals come in Styrofoam plates, which are also all sorts of bad.
  3. It's expensive! They are all really overpriced compared to making it yourself.
  4. The food I've been buying isn't even that good. It's usually under seasoned and uninspired  - the quality you remember being served for lunch if you went to a US public school. 
So, while I'm not a chef and this is not a food blog, here are some of the things I've been trying out recently (and liked). There are links under each of the photos to the websites where I found the original recipe. 


Overnight Oatmeal
Prep time: ~10 min including copping and cleanup
Calories: 200-300 depending on recipe
Desk eat-ability: High.
Refrigerator Oatmeal -- 8 more flavors of this popular no-cook, make-ahead, grab-and-go breakfast from The Yummy Life.
Recipes here!!
These are quick to prepare, and are good for two-three days. So you can plan ahead! Make sure to drink plenty of water the same day as you eat them, since they have chia seeds in them

Green Smoothie

Prep time: ~5 minutes ahead of time, ~10 minutes including washing the dishes the day of. 
Calories: Depends on what fruits you use
Desk eat-ability: High. Make sure this is in a spill proof container though, because if you spill this gook on yourself it is NOT a good look.  
Pro tip: blend the greens and liquid first, then add fruit. This will make it less chunky. If you are new to the green smoothie game, start with spinach. And if you are feeling really wimpy you can add a couple of teaspoons of raw coco with sweet fruit, you can feel like it's a milkshake,

Create your own yummy green smoothie with this awesome chart that breaks it all down.    —

Cold Brew Coffee
Prep time: ~3 minutes the night before. ~5 minutes in the morning to transfer into a non-spill container and clean the french press.
Calories: Depends on how much milk and sugar you dump in in it.
Desk eat-ability: High. Put in a spill proof container, and you can drink it on your way to work.

What's Cooking This Weekend?
Recipe here!!
Why yes, this is the stuff I spilled on myself


Mason Jar Salads
Prep time: About 15 -30 minutes ahead of time depending on how much chopping is involved.
Calories: Under 500
Desk Eatability: Medium. Realistically, it's quite difficult to eat out of the mason jar. It's kind of hard to mix, and an awkward angle for a fork. You can keep the same theory in a better salad container.



Prep time: 0 minutes
Calories: ~45 calories
Desk eatability: High. Not super noisy, or smelly, so your coworkers won't hate you. 

All the Winter Citrus Finally Explained. Uhh, what’s the difference between a tangelo and a pomelo again?:

Infused water

How to Make Simply Infused Water | Nutrition Stripped
Recipe here!!!

I've got more options I track on the ever-awesome pinterest here. What is your favorite food to bring to work? What should I try?



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